I should clear something up. I'm not a teacher. I'm a lunch lady.
You now have permission to go through my pictures looking for a big wart on my face with a hair sticking out of it. I feed the children. I make food. I wrap food. I serve food. I smell like food for the rest of the day. It's a glamorous job, really. That's what I tell myself. WHATEVER. You're jealous of my outfit. I rock the pink hairnet.


Anyway. The puppy just grabbed my glass candle holder and dropped it in the hallway. That was fun to clean up.

I'm feeling especially good today, despite being really tired. I feel grateful.
I'm grateful that I can be both religious and open minded..
And for my scriptures. I love reading through them before bedtime.
Oh, I'm especially grateful for my superduperhandsome boyfriend.
And for awesome e-mails with amazing people.

My list could go on forever.. but I'll spare you all.

(P.S. Are you loving how original I've gotten with my blog title posts? I just can't think of what to name them anymore.)


Corinne said...

you are adorable. I love reading your posts!! And you are so beautiful in all of your pictures!
I would have LOVED having you serve me food everyday in school - those kids are LUCKY!!!
Have a great Monday evening, lady!

Marissa said...

That is so cool they make pink hair nets!!

Anonymous said...

You work that hair net girl!!

Anonymous said...

We would have truly been honored had you been one of our lunch ladies growing up. You could have fed us broccoli every day and we'd still eat it with a smile on our faces.

Ang said...

yay for being grateful! Hope your week continues to be that awesome!

Alexa Mae said...

girl, i love ya! this is awesome. lunch ladies rock! someones gotta keep an eye on my boy during lunch time. i want to see some pics of you and your superduper handsome boyfriend!

Hotcakes said...

that's still a cool job!!! do you get free lunch ? :D

Vanessa said...

What a great list of things to be grateful for! Love it! <3