Finally Friday

(Do you guys remember that song? "It's finally Friday, I'm free again, I got my motor runnin' for a wild weekend!")

Anyhow. My work week is best summed up in one face:


I'm so, so glad it's over. It was long, tiring, hectic and trying.

I discovered that I have no patience for my new coworker. She likes to pick on me, and not in a friendly way. In the 'something's wrong so blame it on Kellie' way. She likes to tell me what to do. How to do my job. What I'm doing wrong. How I'm making her job harder. But she likes to tell my boss first. "I think if she just did this and this and this then blah blah BLAH."

So, my dear coworker, that's why.. when you're running behind, I don't help you. I conveniently find someone else to help. 'Cause you SUCK.

Here's hoping next week is better :)

(psbtw for those of you that have been asking about my baptism/conversion story, you can find it here. feel free to email!)


Amanda said...

Oh blah! I hope next week is better for you too. I hate weeks like that. Meh! HAPPY WEEKEND!

Alexa Mae said...

people are so rude!!! you keep sticking up for yourself girl. love ya.

Moonie said...

you have FAT written on your apron =D

Nancy Face said...

LOVE the picture!

My daughter (Busy Bee Lauren) has a coworker that sounds just like the one you are having to put up with! They must be related or something! :P

Hang in there!

samnhal said...

That was really nice to read your conversion! And I know what you mean about having co-workers like that. The nice thing is, is bosses usually don't like it when people are constantly coming to them and complaining, it's called being a team player.