You all asked what I've been reading.. so I decided to tell you all and do a review, so you are fairly warned if you decide to start on the series I'm reading! So, the series I started less than a week ago is this one:

It's the House of Night series.. and there are, I believe, 7 books in the series so far. Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted and Burned. I'm reading Hunted at the moment.. and I started this series on Monday. Like the cover of the books will say, it's a highly addictive series.


There are some things I dislike about it. Namely, the cursing and emphasis on sex. Also, it is semi-annoyingly written like you're inside a teenager's brain. *Spoiler: There is another big part of the first several books that I disliked. The main character had something like 3 boyfriends at one time. She was with one guy at her new school, still had a thing with her boyfriend from her old school, and had another 'thing' with a professor at her new school. It wasn't viewed as her doing anything wrong, aka cheating on one guy with two other guys.. it was viewed as just another problem she had to figure out.

Now, those are the things I dislike about the series.

The book itself follows the story of Zoey Redbird. A girl 'marked' to either become a full vampyre, as it is spelled in the book, or she will die as her body rejects the change. The series basically follows all that accompanies that. She gets to the House of Night, the school she'll attend now that she's marked, and finds out that all isn't as it seems. She also finds out she's a lot different than the other fledgling vampyres. Lots of drama, betrayal and adventure follows.. and that's about as in depth as I can go without giving it away.

They are definitely teenager books.. but I'm a sucker for those kinds of books. That's why I wanted to give a fair review/warning. Not everyone loves the lame teenager books!


Sam said...

My mom told me about these books! She substitute teaches middle school and was in a reading class and saw one of these books on the shelf so she flipped some pages and read... she said she was appalled because the character caught someone in the hallway giving a guy a blow job or something like that ... and my mom couldn't believe it was available to read to middle schoolers!

I'm pretty sure I'd be addicted if I started reading because I do like teen books, but I think the content in it probably is not suited for who they are trying to target. I'll probably give it a shot though.

Marissa said...


Lauren said...

I am such a sucker for YA books... I will have to add these to my list that is forever long of books I want to read!

Vanessa said...

I've heard these books are good. I picked up Marked and couldn't get into it. I only read the first few pages. I'll have to try it again!

Alexandria said...

Christina was telling me about these books. I may have to read them! I love me some YA books.