Oh Hey

I've been busy being happy. Spending time with boyfriend and making plans.. well, thinking about plans.

I've also read 3 books in 3 days- and I've started on a 4th. I guess the series I'm reading is kinda addictive.

Then there was that little earthquake today. Again. I'll admit to being a leeeettle freaked out by the fact that I've felt more earthquakes in the past year, than all my years before, living in Southern California. I mean, what the heck. Too much ground-shaking.

I have been coveting a pair of Mickey ears with my name embroidered on the back. Let's go to Disneyland so I can buy a pair, ok?

And of course, I have been eating way too much fast food. I'm actually embarrassed to say how much of it I've been eating. However, I'm swearing off fast food for at least a month from this point forward. Waste of money and.. to be honest, I'd like to live past 50. Or 35 at the rate I'm going.


Ashley said...

Dear, Kelly,

I like writing letters where normally people wouldn't do that. So.... I'm so glad you seem to be doing much better! Also what are you reading? Addicting books are the best and I'm always looking for a new one.

Your friend,

Sam said...

I've never felt an earthquake! Though I've swayed in my house before from strong winds... tornado city!

Dear Ashley,
I'd also like to know what book series Kelly is reading.
Love, Sam

Corinne said...

I've never been to Disneyland/world before and I want to go so badly! The Mickey Mouse hat sounds like a must!

Oh, and I agree in wanting to know what you are reading...I read on the bus to/from work :)

Marissa said...

That is awesome you are reading so much!

Vanessa said...

I looove reading & getting caught up in series. So what is it your are reading? As everyone else has already asked.

Oooh I want mickey ears too. When I went to DL last year, I had a pair made for my niece but not for me. Fail. Guess it is an excuse to go back. To Disney World this time so I can go to HP world!

Rasha said...

I want mickey ears too!

kelzone said...

i still get anxiety from the .00001 earthquake i felt in january.
i should read more. you are motivating me to read more.
i have princess minnie ears with my name...cause my mom likes to call me princess kelli, so she got them for me (not in a nice way...cause i'm spoiled)