I'll fill you in on a little secret. I have no life.. and really, no friends. None that live close to me, at least. I am off of school and work for the summer.. until early August for work, late August for school.

The past few days have been spent doing nothing. It was cool for a while.. but today truly dragged on. It feels like it should be midnight or something.

So, question.

what in the world should I do this summer?

(For a specific reason, best not stated on this blog, I can't do anything overnight.)

Any and ALL suggestions welcomed.

(PS giveaway will be up... eventually. I've been sick!)


Marissa said...

Possible ideas:

- Create a summer reading or movie list and read/watch everything on the list
- Volunteer
- Make something creative and open an Etsy shop

Or just do a whole lot of nothing :)

LibbyLayla1984 said...

Take a picture a day of something new everyday and post it. You can get creative thinking of new stuff or places to take photos :)

Sam said...

read! or get a summer part-time job. Extra moolah!

Shreya said...

I have no life either, feels the same :/

You must....maybe spend first half of your summer working your ass off...second half doing NOTHING. balance it out! Maybe go out for a little vacation?

Seattle Kim D said...

Enjoy your free time, you'll miss it when it's gone! I enjoy volunteering, reading and taking up hobbies that interest you (for me its shopping, arts & crafts and lately, learning to cook). + Since your friends are far away as you mentioned, send them little notes or create surprises to send their way. The possibilities are endless! :)

Ang said...

you could pick up a summer job, at a pool, being a lifeguard or something.
or... I don't know where you live specifically, but maybe you should get out and make some friends near by! volunteer for a youth summer camp, find activities that people your age will be taking part in and meet people. They don't have to be your best friends, but just people to spend some time with!

Corinne said...

I'm facing the same problem with the rest of June. What will I do?!
I love checking out the library.. Maybe you could create a scrapbook of the last year? (I made a scrapbook for my bf for our anniversary of the last year together). It was fun looking back on all the memories. I want to make one for myself for my 4 years at Mizzou.
Ummm, but you could go check out local art shows/festivals. i always love seeing new talent.

kelzone said...

how close do you live to the beach? probably a few hours, huh.... my favorite summer activities are swimming and hiking...or swimming on your hike. even better. and my favorite nighttime activity is "night sitting". you just sit outside with an iPod player and food and just enjoy the perfect weather that is summer nights. and get your family to join you for some good chats!
(also, your single's ward may have an FHE and institute. if they do, GO. you'll meet lots of people there, plus they usually do cool activities.)

S and O said...

go on long fun bike rides to new and exciting places :)
go hiking, plan picnics and trips!

that's what I would do if I had free time :)


Hope Chella said...

This sounds like my college years and it was so sad...During the school year my best friends were with me, I was learning and doing what I loved, and then in summer after relaxing for a week, I'd feel a big lull and as much as I love my family, they can't fulfill the social and emotional needs that any human being deserves with friends. Definitely keep blogging and bug me over at mine if you are bored ;)...Escape into books for sure...Maybe start a workout routine (I need one), get polish changes (they are cheap ~$5 and that always adds fun to a week), cook, daydream, Netflix, learn more about your faith and write letters to God :) Amen!

Hope xx

pri said...

ummm i would suggest..dont whatever u feel every minute of every day :)

listen to your impulsive!!
sometimes the best things happen unplanned...