I'm Fine, I'm Fine!!

I'm not going to lie.. I really despise when people say they're worried about me because I've been sad. Isn't that terrible of me? Several things run through my head..

1. The only reason to worry about someone who is sad, is if they are always sad, or if you fear they're going to commit suicide. Don't be worried about me.. try to make me smile. Don't tell me I'm acting depressed, tell me you love me. Just sayin'.

2. I'm not always sad. I have a reason for my sadness. I'm going through several extremely stressful situations. They're taking a toll on my emotions and even on my physical health. I've been trying to stay as happy as I can, but I do get sad. Everything does get to me sometimes.

3. Sadness is a perfectly normal human emotion. Worry about me if I start saying that I'd like to sniff your armpits or something. Not because I'm sad.


..On a lighter note.

I have 6 books to read and I'm craving pizza. I'm either going to make some for dinner, or order some.
I'm going visiting teaching on Friday.. I'm nervous.
My best friend is coming to town in a week or two, and I'm SO excited. I need best friend time! And I love her so much.


Lauren said...

Yay for summertime! I wish I had a summer break :( Have fun with your bestie!

Marissa said...

Now I am craving pizza!!

Alexa Mae said...

you are too darling! you're right, everyone gets sad sometimes and its so normal. now order a pizza and read your books. but try not to get the pages greasy...i may or may not do that all the time.

Marci Darling said...

I am jealous of your 6 books!!!!!!!!!!

stephie said...

My mom always tells me to cry and let it out...its one of the healthiest ways to let out an emotion...if you dont like to cry i always choose good music and a drive to destress :)

Liz said...

ok I love this post. It's true we all get sad.

I got sad the other day and cried it out because I couldn't go to Nashville and meet Taylor Swift and see a museum of her dresses. And for other reasons.

And your picture makes sadness seem even more fabulous because it's so cute. I hope this brightens your day because your blog is so CUTE and I love it.

Moonie said...

ive been craving american dominos pizza since like 4 years. the only reason i want to come to the states again is for the pizza.

Vanessa said...

I think people only worry because they care. It's true, everyone gets sad. <3

Yay for pizza and best friend time and books!

Ashley said...

You're right, it IS perfectly normal to feel how you are feeling. Eventually it will pass, but you already know this.

But books and pizza are always helpful as are besties. I'm glad you have all 3!