What the Heck

So, the lovely Ang over at Football, Sushi and the Pursuit of Happiness had this wonderful idea. Or someone elses wonderful idea, I don't know.. point is, it's a fun thing. Fun post.

The basic idea is: What do you want me to capture? In photo form, that is.
Basically, you tell me something you want to see and I will take a picture of it. Do you want to see my book collection? DVDs? My pee in the toilet? (Just kidding.. that's sick.)

You get it. Come up with something fun, or weird that you want to see a picture of. Be creative, be fun, participate. Don't ask for a picture of my underwear drawer. :-) I think it's a good way to get to know everyone better.

Also, feel free to take the idea! Now tell me what you wanna see!!


et said...

Your favorite place in town for lonely-contemplation-of-life? :D

Sam said...

I want to see .... your place of work! Either the outside of the school or inside of the cafeteria. Since it's something you write about, it would be neat to see it too!

Ang said...

your blogger profile says you like to draw sometimes... show us the last thing you drew. a doodle or an actual picture.

and I want to see your purse!

Makay said...

Your makeup... haha. :) or... your closet. :)