- I have written, published and deleted my last 5 or so posts. Sorry.

- I am incapable of waking up before 8 and feeling good. How did I ever survive high school? I never took naps, and was up before 6 monday through friday.

- Sometimes I drink a Mt Dew at 10 at night, and wonder why I can't fall asleep two hours later. It's cool though. I have NETFLIX NOW! (I am kind of excited.)

- Lately I have been enjoying writing in my real journal a lot more than blogging.

- I am reminded every day of how blessed I am that I was baptized into this church, nearly two months ago. It honestly runs through my head at least one time every day.

- Overly cluttered blogs grate on my nerves. It is the tiny bit of OCD in me, that makes me want to log on to your account and delete all the unnecessary crap. Sorry.

- My last post was on Friday but I feel like I haven't blogged in a month. Maybe it's because I haven't blogged anything worth reading in a month.

- I have watched a lot of movies lately. My favorites: The Diary of Anne Frank, Julie & Julia, The Ugly Truth, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Obsessed. Least favorites: The Haunting of Molly Hartley, According to Greta.

- The lipstick shade called Pink Pout is amazing. I have been wearing it non stop.

- It is supposed to be 104 for the next 4 days. I am going to die.

- Sometimes I desperately crave candy.. but don't have any. It's been this way for a week now. Why don't I go get some? I am just too stinking lazy.

- There are times when I think I look genuinely pretty, but can't tell anyone because they'd think I'm being conceited. But you know what? I look pretty dang good today.. and this doesn't happen very often, so I wanted to let you all know.

- I am now going to drink a Mt Dew at 10 at night and wonder why I can't fall asleep. (Deja vuuuu.)


Sam said...

I love Julie and Julia :) Maybe I'll put that in now. I get cravings for Mtn Dew sometimes but still haven't had one in years. I want to change this.

Marissa said...

I used to wake up at 5 and go to the gym before HS. How on earth did I manage that?!

Enjoy your Mountain Dew :)

Nikita said...

I can totally relate... with most of the stuff.

If people can't compliment/agree with you when you do look pretty, I think we know who's conceited then! :)

Seattle Kim D said...

I do the same although with coffee rather than Mt. Dew. :P

Kirsty said...

"Overly cluttered blogs grate on my nerves."

I just know that mine has got to drive you mental!

Corinne said...

Julie and Julia = one of my favorite movies.
104?! Holy cow batman. That is some HIGH temps. Here I thought I was roughing it by it being in the 80s and not turning the AC on!

Amy said...

Ha! You're my favorite. We are totally's not even a joke! We think soooooo much alike. Love ya. :)

kelzone said...

i definitely agree with the overly cluttered blogs comment. also, i think you have a right to think you are pretty. my old roommate and best friend used to say, "i look really cute today". i admire her confidence.

The Ashes said...

You should post a photo of this pink pout lipstick. Its sounds pretty

Makay said...

Girl... I feel you. haha. I do ALL of that... except I actually am still enduring High school and waking up at 6... only 3 more days!!! THANK GOD!!! Seriously.