Today I went to work.

I started doing what I usually do, when my boss starts yelling at me. Because I can read minds, you know. "Did you start the chicken?" "What chicken, I thought I was making egg rolls?" "No we said yesterday you're doing both! Get out the chicken and start making it! C'mon!"

I'm sorry, but no. You said we were making egg rolls. So take that.

Then at the end of lunch, Mr. Jerkhead school police officer decided to make things worse. You see, this is an easy concept to grasp. You can get the main dish for 2.50, or a meal, which consists of the main dish + 4 items, for $3. He asked what the main thing was. So I told him. Then I rambled on about the sides. So he started telling me what he wanted. I got everything. 5 items. I told him it was going to be $3. Ah. Tih. Tude.
"You told me it was going to be $2.50."
"That's just for the main dish."
"Yeah and I got the main dish."
"But you also got these 4 other things.. which makes it a meal for 50 cents more."
"Well sweetheart, when I asked you what the main dish was, you told me all of these things."
"They're the sides.."
"Blah blah blah blah"
"Ok fine 2.50."

Give me a break. You would have had to pay 3 whooole dollars for 5 items. It's not like we don't give you much of anything either. How many places can you go to get a meal for 3 bucks. I mean seriously.

Oh and to top things off..
Today I had my baptismal interview. Before I started talking with the guy I decided to shut the front door. Apparently that was the wrong move. I got back inside after the hour or so, and got yelled at. Because it was just rude to shut the door. Because shutting the door means I think my parents are going to be eavesdropping. Also, I told them I'm getting baptized saturday. And apparently because I didn't tell them sooner, that means I don't want them there.

No. It couldn't be that I was nervous to tell them. That just wouldn't make any sense.
Oh, and I just today found out my parents are going on a trip this weekend. I thought they were going to be home, so I planned it for later in the day Saturday. But no one asked me about that. It's just assumed that I'm a terrible person and don't want my PARENTS there.



Slamdunk said...

I am thinking you should tell the officer to bring his lunch if $3.oo for a entry and 4 sides is too steep. Some folks just live to complain...

Rasha said...

haha, so sorry love, keep smiling, things will get bette.r

Sam said...

3 bucks for all of that?!?! omg, i wish that existed outside of school lunchrooms. seriously, for him to get upset over 50 cents (when he misheard you anyway) is ridiculous.

sorry your parents won't be there for your baptism! and if you closing the door for an attempt to not let them eavesdrop even crossed their mind, that means they clearly wanted to eavesdrop.. silly parents. mine are nosy too.

ps-i'm gonna say it again, i miss you on twitter!!!!!

lady lee said...

cheapskate police officer. ugh.

Sam said...

withdrawals mean its time to come back!!!!!! :DDDD

Anonymous said...

Damn, some people are dumb. Here we have the dumb officer and the dumb person who misunderstood and got it all wrong about the door being shut closed. Patience! that is all I got to say, patience and lots of it.