It Happens

I know I'm not the only person that this has happened to. What is 'this'? It's the time in a young adults life, where suddenly you revert back 15 years. You go from a 20 year old to a 5 year old in 10 seconds flat.

That happened to me today.

You see, my dad is retired Navy. Lucky me, I get a lot of benefits because of that. Including health. Well, my 21st birthday is in about two weeks, and because of that, if I don't give them proof that I'm enrolled full time in school, they will drop my benefits. If I give them proof, I can keep my benefits until i turn 23.
I'm not full time. I dropped my Chemistry class because I don't need it, and I don't think I should kill myself over a class that I don't even need. I have about 8 units, which means I need 4 more to be full time. I started crying. I didn't know what to do. My dad came in and was kinda shocked, because let me tell you, I don't cry in front of people. He asked what was up, and I explained it to him. He was surprisingly understanding. He said it's fine to drop Chemistry, but I should try to find a late start (8 week) class to enroll in to get to full time.

The thing is, my schedule won't say I'm full time until April 19, the day that the late start classes begin. I need to give proof by my birthday, the 31st of this month. That stressed me out a little more and I started crying again. In front of my dad. I think he was in shock. I just don't cry like a baby.. ever. I mean, I let it out sometimes, but full on snot and tears running down my face..uh uh. Did you like that visual?

Anyway. After that I started feeling okay. Then I got a killer migraine. I've never had one so bad. I curled up in bed and tried to sleep it off, but when I woke up it came right back. So I popped two excedrin and lay down a while longer. I was having terrible nausea to go along with it.. ugh. Not pretty. I was doing the sick child thing though. "My heeeeead huuuurrrrts.. mommy can I have a wet rag? hurts so baaad." You know the drill.

I have just felt like SUCH a child today. Crying uncontrollably and relying on my parents to make me feel better. I don't ever do that. But I guess stress makes us act like fools, right?

I was definitely a fool today. But I'm ok now. Even if my family thinks I'm crazy.


Sam said...

That doesn't make you a fool! My parents have seen me cry and brought me damp towels for my head tons of times. Either you aren't a fool or I'm a fool too many times to count, ha! I'm sorry you're in a stressful situation :( School sucks. Why do we need it again?

Leah said...

I can imagine the scene... but it's okay to cry in front of your parents. They will understand you no matter how crazy you may seem to be.

Kellie, you are so stressed. And sometimes, you feel that the whole world is working against you. Take a deep breath, relax... tomorrow is a new day! Everything will be okay! xoxo

Andy said...

Migraines are terrible, especially when you think they have gone, and stand up.

Have you been able to sort it out? Are you able to phone them and ask them for another few weeks to give proof? It shouldn't be the end of the world if not? Then again, I don't really understand your health system.

Don't feel bad for crying. Everyone does. *Hugs*.

Alyssa said...

He is your dad its okay to cry in front of him. And you had good reason to.

Gosh if my dad doesnt see me cry at least once a month then there is something wrong :)

I actually jumped onto your blog because im watching americas next top model at the moment and there is a girl that reminds me of you and i dont know what season im watching but i thought omg i have to tell you!!! Ill let you know if i work out who she is :)

Ang said...

I don't know what worse; the migraine or the thought of losing benefits.
Hope you're feeling better and hope you get the school situation figured out soon!

Corinne said...

Augh I completely understand. I've been without benefits since December. It sucks...mucho. As much of a "fool" you think you were being, I think it's ok to have those moments sometimes. Plus, I think it's hard to find better comfort than the comfort of your parents.
Hope today is a better day!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

We all need to cry like a baby sometimes. I am queen of crying tantrums. I hope it all works out for you. I'm sure there is a way to get it all to line up.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

oh honey. join the crying club. i am a cryer and then a laugher.

i am sending you a big hug.

Kirsty said...

Oh, that so definitley happens. It's amazing - sometimes you really just want your mummy :)

The Petite Blogger said...

ur dog in the previous post is so cute!

xoxo jenna

Vanessa said...

Meh, it happens to everyone. When I'm sick, I still want my mom to baby me.

Glad you are doing better!

Anonymous said...

Are you planning anything special for your birthday? It will be the big 21st! :)

We all want to be pampered from time to time and act childish to get it lol

Ashley R said...

I had the exact same freakout in a post on my blog at the beginning of the month--except mine was because I turn 23 on the 19th and no longer have the school option. It's very stressful and frustrating and makes you realize how much balances on it. It is perfectly reasonable that you started crying.

Good luck with getting it all squared away!

OceanDreams said...

Sometimes it is nice to let our guard down, especially in front of people who love us unconditionally. Plus they have great perspective being a bit older than us, he he. Hope you are feel better love!

The Blonde Diaries said...

Oh that is quite the predicament to be in. Can you submit the original bill for the semester that showed you were enrolled in all of your classes including Chemistry to prove that you were full time? I know that is what I use to submit to stay on my dad's insurance while in college.