Meet My Car


Yeah, I know it's weird looking, but it's my car. I like it. Though I'm starting to suspect it isn't so fond of me. Why? Well, I've had my darling car for 3 years. It's gone through a lot for me.

It's my to and from car. To and from school. To and from the store. To and from work. In 2008 it was my to Illinois car. It made the 2,000 mile trip with only one slight problem. The A/C busted on the way out.

It was good to me while I was in Illinois though. The only thing that went wrong was that my windshield broke. My fault though, I left it out and my car got iced over.

When I got home, it was all good. I'd make frequent trips to San Diego with no problem. Then I made a trip to Utah, and on my way back it decided to break down. Cool, whatever.

Then today, it decided to take a big, giant, smelly dump on me. I was prepared for a lovely day. I was going to go to Target and get a few things, then go out and drive around to Arrowhead Lake Road, take the 173 to the 15 and come back home. I was going to take some pretty pictures (because it's a pretty sweet drive) and have a good day.

But no. I go to leave Target, and my car starts making a rattling noise as I accelerate. I have enough sense to know that I probably shouldn't drive if it's making that noise, and pull right back into Target. Sat there and waited for 2 hours for a tow truck.

My dad's diagnosis: Spark plugs. He gets home to check it out, sure enough, all of them are bad. And there may be something worse wrong.. but at that point, all I was hearing is "Blah blah blah, I'm going to cost a lot of money."


Becky said...

Ugh. Car problems are the WORST!

Marci Darling said...

I'm sprry :( I hate that your day was sucky, when it had the potential to be nice.

Also, today I wore black tights to church and felt boring. I wish I had your red ones :)

kelzone said...

that's not funny but ironic cause friday afternoon it was such a lovely day so i rolled down my window. then when i wanted to roll it back up it decided not to. i took it to a mechanic and said, "i need help ASAP!" so they got it stuck up in place and turned off the window motor (a temporary fix seeing as i can't afford a $300 replacement part). $50 was the damage. i minor accident thank heaven. i just can't go through drive-thru's till i get it fixed.

Allison said...

Hello Miss Car!
I think that she's absolutely gorgeous, although I'm sorry she's acting mean. :(

Taylor-Made Wife said...

Oh no!!I hate spending money to repair my car when in costs so much stupid money in the first place.

Grace said...

Sorry about your car! I'm sure it won't be that expensive if it's just the spark plugs. If you lived here in Utah I'm sure my boyfriend could fix it for you for really cheap. He always fixes my friends' cars and gives them a discount for being my friends. Hahaha. I guess that's a good thing right? :) Good luck with your car!

Sam said...

i hate car problems :( My car has been in the fam for 12 years and officially mine for 5 of those years. Something breaks down every 3 or so months, it's just standard. The check engine light is permanently on and my heater is broken (which sucks in our 20 degree weather) but it gets me from A to B so I deal. Can't wait to be able to afford to get a new car!

OceanDreams said...

OH no! I had to get a new car when my loyal car went kaput, hopefully yours will be ok!