I've seen this everywhere. My turn.

Dear popcorn,
Why must you suck tonight? I microwaved you for the same amount of time as always.. and you're usually amazing.

Dear coworker,
You're like.. 35. Why do you have purple hair?

Dear students,
Stop expecting me to remember exactly what you want every day. And we don't carry "those yummy chips" so please be more specific.

Dear sickness,
I am not down with you.

Dear Subway employee,
I am probably the only person in the world who loves a boatload of lettuce on my sub, you are probably the only employee who barely sprinkles any on. Go figure.

Dear cough drops,
You are disgusting. I'd rather hack my left lung up than suck on one of you. (twss)

Dear weiner dog,
You're a weiner dog fool, wrapped in my gray towel trying to make yourself a bed. But thank you for the entertainment!


Allison said...

Dear Kellie-
I hope that the sickness and the Subway un-lettuced sandwiches, and the students, and the popcorn didn't ruin your day! WE still love you!


christina said...

hahahaha, aw.

Andy said...

Wooo... another subway-lettuce-lover. I always give an evil look when they only put a put on. Grr. I'm always concious of being served by a fat person for that reason. And cough drops are vile.

Amanda said...

LOL! Love this. Dont love that you're sick!

Marci Darling said...

Don't worry Kellie. I always get that Subway employee too.

Leah said...

Dear Kellie,

You made me laugh today! xoxo


Sarah said...

I used to get so pissed when McDonald's would just put a teeny tiny little dob of fudge on my hot fudge sundae---even less when I asked for EXTRA fudge! What's their problem?