Sonny With A....You Should Have Gotten Here Earlier

Finally, a new post. I feel like I haven't had anything of worth to talk about. My mind has just been kinda blank. And while this isn't exactly a topic of worth, it's still fairly entertaining :)

My best girl friend is a pretty big Disney girl. She loves the TV shows, is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.. and I never stop teasing her about it. Well, on Wednesday she called me and told me she got tickets to maybe get into the first live taping of Sonny With a Chance. She asked if I wanted to go... said yes.. and that is where my Friday plans developed.

The taping is in Hollywood. We.. we don't live there. We live somewhere. Not there. Not very far away, but not there. I get off work on Friday at about 1. She wants to leave at 1:30, so I quickly straighten my hair and get dressed, wash off the stench of cafeteria food. I'm ready by about 1:45, and as it usually goes, we left an hour late. No big deal. Oh, except there is horrible traffic once we get around the area. We were supposed to be at the taping at least an hour early, got there 45 minutes early. After an hour wait, everyone was turned away. And given these "VIP" passes to go see another show, guaranteeing a spot. Whatever.

We're not going to have spent all that time in traffic just to leave. We both pretty much knew we wouldn't get in, so Bianca had the back up plan of going to Universal Citywalk. She called her brother to get directions from where we were, and being girls.. what should have taken us 10 minutes ended up taking us an hour. I wasn't driving though, so I blame it all on her.

We got there, and both of us are much to cheap to pay the $10 for parking. So, we park in the metro parking lot and hike up the ridiculously steep hill. We were out of breath about 1/4 of the way up. All the way up? I'll leave that to your imagination.

We basically did nothing from here. We walked, went to Subway. I spent $8 on a freakin' sandwich and small drink. We walked some more. Went into random stores, did random things. Walked some more, then a bit more. Then a little bit more.

Then we tried to find a way to get down the hill without walking down. Unsuccessful. We walked down, myself with pepper spray in hand. There are some weirdos in Hollywood, mmk?

Alas, neither of us were attacked. I didn't have to try to use the pepper spray, because who knows how that would have turned out. A trip to Hollywood and no one died. It was quite the adventure.


SilverNeurotic said...

It still sounds like you had a pretty fun time, too bad abut missing the show though. That's a bummer.

Sara said...

While I've never heard of this show, I am pretty familiar with Miley and the extraordinary quality she has to roll up the windows and sing along at the top of my lungs.

Basically, I love her but I'm embarrassed to high heaven about it.

I'm glad your friend can be open about her obsession.

Allison said...

AW. that stinks about missing the show. :) It's okay, it's not the best one out there!

kelleidoscope said...

It would have been nice to see the show, but like Allison said, it's not the best out there :)

Sara- Miley definitely has a knack for that, huh?! I think Taylor Swift is the best at making me sing along though. I can't resist at all when her songs come on :)

Amy said...

DAng, bummer you couldn't see the show. But glad you were able to spend time with your friend. Hollywood is pretty cool, but there isn't much for middle/low class Americans to do there. It's so frickin expensive. And it really is creepy at night. Good for you for keeping the pepper spray out.

Heather said...

Any best friend who is obsessed with Disney movies is quite the extraordinary best friend in my book!! =] Glad you still had a good time!

SJ said...

What a shame! I'm not a huge Demi fan though. Her smile is a LITTLE too big! I love when something goes wrong and you turn it around and have a great time!

Grand Pooba said...

Bummer! But it sounds like you had fun anyway


awww...that's too bad!
But at least you had some fun...nothing better than to go out with great friends~
What, you can buy Oscar?! That's not chocolate wrapped in golden foil is it? LOL*

Kellie Collis said...

shame you missed it, seems though you are having a fabulous time! x

Children of the 90s said...

I have a friend just like that who is absolutely obsessed with all of those Disney channel stars :) It's too bad you missed it, but looks like a fun little trip!