The Future Freaks Me OUT.

Not like.. finding a career and settling down with a man. That part will work itself out. The part that freaks me out is the part that's coming in oh, 9 days.

Boyfriend asked me to go to Utah for Thanksgiving. I've been to Utah before. The first time I was there, we were driving to Illinois. We stopped in St. George for gas, I turned my car back on and the A/C was broken. Yeah, I drove through Utah, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa and part of Illinois with no A/C.... in July.

Last time I went to Utah, it was to see boyfriend. I made it there without hazard, was sick the entire time, left Sunday and was stuck in Traffic from Vegas to the California checkpoint. But my car broke down at Stateline, so I got to wait there for 2 hours while my parents came to save me.

Are you catching on about why I'm kinda nervous to make the drive again? Am I going to get caught in some freak snowstorm? Drive off a cliff.. is a boulder going to smash into my car?

At this point I tell myself to shut up because all of that is a little ridiculous. Still, what if my car breaks down again, but in a less convenient and populated place? My desire to spend Thanksgiving with boyfriend and his mom is much greater than my stupid fears, but it doesn't overshadow them completely. Sorry for the irrational post.


Jenni said...

Hey 3rd time is the charm right? haha

SilverNeurotic said...

Maybe you can take a train or something. Let someone else deal with the driving part!

OceanDreams said...

Going to UT for the holidays is a bit scary, that is where I am from originally. I always fly in, but the last two times my flight was delayed and last year my dad had to drive me home in a blizzard. So I don't think you are freaking out over nothing, be sure to check the weather forecast, drive carefully, and have fun! I am sure everything will turn out okay. ;)

kelleidoscope said...

Jenni- I hope so! I really do..haha. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Silver- I looked up train dates, believe me, I've thought of everything. They don't have any though :(

Ocean- I've checked the weather, and even though it's still too early to know for sure, it says it'll be clear. Only partly cloudy. I'm a mess driving in snow.. I just can't do it.

Jacqueline Smith said...

love this post. i am the same way... it's like, "is it going to happen again?! it's happened everytime before?!"

good luck witht hat. i think your thoughts are very rational. haha.

Allison said...

Oh no! I'm sure that everything will happen wonderfully, and you'll come back and write an amazing post! :D

Elizabeth said...

Road trips can be very rewarding...and an awful headache. You'll be fine :)

Ivy said...

I just stopped by to encourage you to read the Twilight series. The characters are developed and finished. The love story is hard to put down. You don't have to be a crazed fan to enjoy them. I hope you read them!
Thanks for stopping by today. Now I am going to go read this post of yours... I went straight to the comments :)


You are too cute!!!
I can be quite paranoid as well...Road trips anyway we look at them can either be so fab or the worst experience. You had a bad one, so now it's time for a great one! yay...

kelleidoscope said...

Jacqueline- Great minds think alike, I do like to say :)

Allison- I'm definitely going to write about it, and I'm deeeeefinitely hoping I don't have anything bad to say!

Elizabeth- I've been on enough road trips to know that's true. I'm not very good at being cooped up in a car, so it's good he only lives 5 hours away.

Ivy- I do think it's a great love story, and I did enjoy reading them. I just don't love the books. I have some books that are completely worn out from being read so many times.. I've read my Twilight series once. The only reason they're worn out is I've lent them out so many times!

Lenore- Thanks! :) I'm hoping that's how it goes.

SJ said...

Kellllllllie! You can do it, gf. I believe in you. Just stay positive. I used to think that every time I watched the Swiss Family Robinson I would get sick. And then I just realized it was a movie. I don't know where I'm going with this, but you can so do it.