1. The past week's events. I've learned a lot about religion and grown more than I thought possible.

2. This weather! It's been amazing. Basically it has been just perfect. In the 70s and 80s every day with a cool breeze.

3. Laying in the grass and reading.

4. Being the better person.

5. My boyfriend :)

6. The amazing weekend that is coming up. Sea World! And church.

7. How close it is getting to the 23rd! It's almost time for the flight to South Carolina. :)

8. My boss for letting me go home early today. I was NOT feeling good at all, and being in that hot dish room wasn't helping.

9. Yesterday. My mom asked where I was going, and I asked why she wanted to know. "Cuz you smell preeeetty"

10. Target for having the candy corn I was craving yesterday. Can you believe Wal Mart didn't have any!

11. For being an awesome bargain hunter ;)

12. For having friends like Bianca that are just as cheap as me!

13. My neighbor, for telling me she wants to introduce me to her niece.. she said that she wants her to know good people.

14. The book I'm reading, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's good.

15. The first kid that comes to my line everyday. He's so nice! And funny.

16. My job. I wash dishes for over $12 an hour.

17. Shopping alone. It's peaceful.

18. Forever 21 and it's cuuute affordable clothes. I've been talking a lot about shopping.

19. The beautiful people in my life that support every decision I make, and never tear me down.

20. Love

21. People with a sense of humor.

22. Cynthia. For being so nice to me, and helping me get some of my stuff finished today before I left. For organizing my money and counting my milk.. ugh. She's great.

23. Finding some Goosebumps movies. Ha, ha.... ha. YES.

24. Naps. I took an hour long nap and went from being super sick, to feeling fine.

25. A bye week from disappointing football.

26. A three day weekend. Thank youuuu Columbus.

27. That the accident wasn't bad. And that the guy was nice, even though his wife wasn't..

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OceanDreams said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for! I love Pride and Prejudice, so glad you are enjoying it! I also love naps and Forever 21, those are the best! Happy weekend sweetie.