This is an update, I guess!

It's been a good three day weekend. And it has been so nice to get away from work and actually do something. I spent all day yesterday doing some chores with my mom. She likes company when she goes grocery shopping, so I went with. It's always fun to tag along and bother her. Then I did some chores for my dad, and while he went out to Salton Sea, I went a few more places with my mom. Walmart (she never goes there!) and Stater Bros.

At Walmart I got Where the Red Fern Grows! It was that, or Sunshine Cleaning. And while I wanted Sunshine Cleaning really badly, the other is much cheaper :)

Anywho, today I went with my mom to David's Bridal and we checked out the bridesmaid dress I need to get for my brother's wedding. They didn't have the right size and color at the store, so they ordered it in and I'll get it about two weeks into October. I'm pretty excited for October. I'm getting the dress, everything together for later in the month. Then I'll be flying out there and for the first time in years my entire family will be together. All my brothers, my mom and dad. Even my sisters-in-law. My niece.

October will be an awesome month.

"66. Religion. Even though I may not be set in one yet, I know I someday will be. It's a beautiful thing, knowing that there is more to come after this life. There is comfort in the words of God.

67. Being able to pay my car bill. Knowing it takes a great stress off of my parents.

68. Candles. Lighting a few at the end of a long day, adding to the relaxation.

69. Baking and cooking. Whether it's as simple as Jell-O, or more complicated like Lasagna. Putting on some music and losing myself in the kitchen is one of the most pleasurable things.

70. Being able to recognize a good person from a bad person. Even if it takes trial and error, I'm proud that I can figure it out, and leave the bad people out of my life."

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