That Darn Cat

About a month after getting married.. Ryan and I got a kitten! We are both big animal lovers, and I had been crying about wanting a kitten for probably the past year, so there we have it. That's a good enough reason, right?

We went down the humane society, filled out some paperwork, and got taken back to play with some kittens... and fell in love after about 1 minute and went home with this little guy:

What I've learned about him: He has an obsession with Ryan's hats. Mostly his work hat. He went from cuddly to crazy in about 1.5 months. But we still love him. He lives to bite feet. And fingers. And legs. And hands. And arms. And faces. And he really really likes food. And he has a name, but we mostly call him kitty so what is even the point.


Corinne said...

The first picture with his little paws outside of box is so cute!

And every single picture after that, too!

Vanessa said...

Awwww! I just love! We often call ours "Kit" or "Kittus". She has a lot of nicknames hahaha. Kitties are the best.

Emma Frances said...

Oh my gosh he's adorable! How fun! :]

Sam M said...

We just got a new kitty. I wanted a kitten so bad, but she's 1 1/2. She's not so cuddly as we want, but hopefully she'll learn that. Your kitty is so cute!

Slamdunk said...

What a cute one. We adopted two young brothers from the humane society here and they are constant energy--especially at 2 am. Oh well.

Happy New Year.