Looking forward to:

Spring break. No work for a week. Ryan's mom coming to visit and celebrating his and my birthdays. That sentence seems very grammatically incorrect. I don't care, it's late.

The 31st. My birthday, Easter, Game of Thrones, Padres opening day, and engagement pictures. All of that in one day. It is going to be amazing, and I can't wait. 

March has always been my favorite month, probably for the sole reason that it's my birthday month. It's also my anniversary month.. and Ryan's birth month. And March just makes me think about spring and changing seasons. And happiness. March is a good month.

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Sam M said...

Holy cow, you're doing that all in one day? That will be like the most megarific birthday day ever. That's kind of cool, doing your engagements on your birthday...ummm ryan should set it up with the photographer to surprise you with a cake or cupcakes or something. That would make for the cutest surprise pictures ever. Tell him I said so.