The past couple of weeks have been busy and not particularly fun. But hopefully they start getting better soon. 

I went wedding dress shopping yesterday and I found 'the' dress. It was the second dress I tried on. I tried on 4 in total, but I couldn't get my dress out of my head. So I tried it on again and just knew that was it. I wish I could post pictures all over my blog, because I'm so ecstatic about it. But you'll just have to trust me when I say it's perfect for me.


Work has been work. It keeps me busy for half the day and that's all I can really ask for. PS when I get bored I take pictures of myself.

But can I just say. I thought I'd be dealing with sweet little kids at a middle school. No. Most of these kids are pure terror in a human body. And it's no wonder kids grow up to be so self conscious. We have snack carts that sell chips, cookies, waters, gatorades, brownies.. you know, snacks. They're pretty popular, because give a kid $10 and he'll spend it on junk food, ya know? Whenever a girl gets more than one thing, you're guaranteed to hear her friends saying "Oh my gosh you're so fat! Hahaha.."
I mean seriously. 

Their attitudes are just insane. They are all under the impression that they are very cool, and that it matters whether or not you're cool. Which results in some very loud kids with unfiltered mouths.

Done complaining.

Now here's a picture of my dog who turned 8 today. I got her in 2005 and I need her to stop aging right now.

When I'm not working or eating, I'm re-watching The Office. I'm on season 5 now, and I'm starting to get to the point where I stopped watching. Also.. I'm on season 5 and I only started re-watching about a week ago. So that should either tell you 1. That I am hopeless and have 0 semblance of a life or 2. It's really good. Or maybe a mixture of both.

But next weekend I'm going down to see Ryan for the weekend. Then again the weekend after that (plus we're going to a Coheed concert! Ah!) So my life might start picking up again. Oh and we're getting engagements done one of those weekends too! Which means another thing crossed off the list, and invitations will be started. 

I'm rambling now. Bye!


Corinne said...

THE Dress?! HORRAY!! I found my dress on my first outing, too! I refused (ridiculous, I know) to believe it was "the" dress and left without purchasing it. Then I went away for over a month and couldn't.stop.thinking.about.it! So as soon as my feet touched down back in MO I made sure my first stop was back at the dress shop :)

And middle schoolers scare me! It's definitely the years in my life I wish I could erase from my memory.

Sam M said...

I found my dress on my first shopping trip too. I tried it on in too smal of a size and in the wrong color, but I knew it was the dress I wanted. Luckily another store had it in stock and I put it on hold that day. You should e-mail me a picture of your dress! I stopped watching the office after micheal left.

Shay said...

That is so awesome you found your dress- mine was the first or second I tried on too! When you know you know:-) Shame about the snack cart. Haven't we moved past that as a nation? ugh.