Crazy Dog Lady

I spent my first week of January looking at every single wedding ceremony venue in the Southern California area. We finally found one, fingers crossed that we get the day we want! 

My second week of January was spent watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Like.. from when I woke up til I went to bed. I also spent that time freezing my butt off. Fires are great but they tend to go out at night.. and you wake up freezing cold. But don't worry about me, I found a space heater and I am cold no longer.

I didn't do much else with my week besides cuddle with dogs, go to the dentist (deeeesaster,) and take a picture of the one and only time it will snow up here this year.

And now I'm back at work after a 3 week break. And counting down the days til my wedding. Then stopping the counting because it stresses me out. Then starting again because I don't care and can't wait to marry my best friend.


Slamdunk said...

I bet your dogs are trying to recover after all the quality "you" time.

Corinne said...

Hope it works out with the wedding venue! *fingers crossed*

Love the picture of the doggie snuggle - they are the best!

Instant Milk said...

Your comment was too sweet!! Come by soon hun, just posted a super quick nail design!


Sam M said...

I hope you get the venue too! Ok, I know I'm a total creeper, but I'm so excited for you, you'd think I was in the wedding party or something. I don't want to pry, but are you guys going to get married in the temple? The San Diego temple is amazing, as I know you already know.

Shay said...

Sorry your trip to the dentist stunk:-( Yay for the wedding countdown, though- so exciting!

Kristin said...

can't wait to hear what venue it is!

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

The dentist is a horrible place.

Buffy is an excellent choice. excellent.

Oh the weddingness of it all..