Rapunzel, Rapunzel

It is decided. Henceforth I am refraining from getting a haircut in an effort to turn into Rapunzel.

Also, I have some thoughts to share with you guys in regards to two television shows that have consumed my life lately.

True Blood-
Okay. This is like a mix of Twilight and Vampire Diaries. Plus side: the vamps in this show don't sparkle. Downside: Some of them have that Twilight brooding thing down pat. Also, Bill doesn't believe in using contractions when he speaks. He also says "Sookie" like.. "Sookehhhh" and it totally makes me want to punch my laptop. Oh, and there are just a LOT of boobs in this show.
Good thing, though.. it's interesting enough. So I keep watching.

Doctor Who-
Okay. I had trouble with this show in the beginning. Bored me to death. But that was mostly cured once I got past season one. The special effects are awful, but I can overlook that now. I love the adventures. I love the doctor. The weeping angels scare the bejeezus out of me. I'm just emotionally invested in the doctor and his companions.. except for Martha. Martha can get EXTERMINATE!-ed.

That is all.


Corinne said...

I'm also trying to grow my hair out and while right now I'm digging it, I know that there will come a time (and soon, I'm afraid) where I'll get the itch to do something, aka: cut it.

I would look into those shows but I'm already swamped with catching up on shows I watch that throwing in two more would just result in me being the absolute worst wife, fur-mom, daughter, you-get-the-point, ever! I'm glad you're enjoying them, though!

L!$@ said...

Doctor Who! Woo :D The weeping angels are freaking scary! Season 1 is the worst of the new ones. David Tennant is the best :D What season are you up to?