Firmoo Glasses

So, I don't do sponsored posts often for a very simple reason: I don't often get email offers to do sponsored posts. 

Well, I usually don't get offers that excite me. Also, I'm extremely lazy.

 But when I got the offer from Firmoo I couldn't resist. They asked to send me a free pair of glasses or sunglasses in exchange for a review. And let me tell you, I've been wanting people to think I'm smart for a long time, so I picked a pair of non prescription glasses. 

Considering how far they had to come, they shipped pretty fast. I got them about 6-7 days from shipping confirmation.

What I got:

They came with a hard case, soft case, wipe thing, and little screwdriver with extra screws. Can you tell I know a lot about glasses? Color me impressed by how much they included at no cost to me. The cases are very good quality, and I love the black and turquoise colors that I got.

That's my "I feel kind of stupid for wearing glasses that I don't need but no one knows I don't need them" face. On that note, I LOVE these glasses. I have zero problems with them. I wore them all day today, and barely noticed they were there. Usually I get headaches from wearing sunglasses.. I had no problems with that. I love them.

And now for the best part. Firmoo is offering you your first pair, for free. All you pay is shipping (~6.95)
All you have to do is go here: First pair free. They have tons of glasses, prescription, fashion, and sunglasses. What I'm saying is there's something for everyone. I genuinely love these glasses. They're cheap($$), and they're good quality, and if you don't like them they'll refund you. But you'll like them. Trust me, I wear glasses. 


Corinne said...

Look at you! Lookin' all cute and smart in your glasses!! I definitely think you made the right choice!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i just read a post at somebody's blog about Firmoo as well with the cutest round glasses. i definitely love yours it compliments your face shape!


Instant Milk said...

those look cute! I am sorry for replying so late. I have been very busy these past weeks :(
Hope you come back soon!

Sam M said...

haha, I love that you said you've been wanting people to think you're smart! I got a pair of fake glasses a few years ago, and get the comment a lot tha they didn't know I wore glasses. Then I have to own up that they're fake.

Katie said...

i always wish i needed glasses. you look adorable!

Sierra said...

Those are so cute on you!
Merry Christmas!
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