A Disneylandish Day

The boyfriend and I went to Disneyland on Sunday.. and it was pretty much perfect.
I mean, I didn't get shoved by anyone in Sleeping Beauty's castle and no one cut in front of me during Haunted Mansion or Matterhorn, so I'd definitely call that a success.


As nice as it was, we called it a day after about 4 hours. We got to go on the rides we wanted to and see everything. Plus we had to go a little out of the way to get to dinner.. at Vince's
Oh the famous Vince's. It's famous in my mind, at least. The very best spaghetti you'll ever have, unless you find somewhere better. Then whatever.


We feasted and it was delicious.

After that, we headed towards L.A. to do some drive by sightseeing. We stopped at the Linda Vista Hospital, which is famous for being haunted. This one was at my request. It was probably not a good idea to go at night, we kept the doors locked and parked for a couple seconds so I could take it in.. then drove off.

(This picture is brought to you in High Definition. You're welcome folks.)

For most of the drive, it felt like we were in a foreign country and it solidified my dislike for Los Angeles. Sorry if you live there.. and I mean that like.. seriously, I'm sorry that you live there.
I just don't like it.

After passing through a lot of sketchy neighborhoods and a few busy streets (Hollywood? Sunset? Vine? I don't know.) We started to head out of town, or so I thought.

I wasn't paying much attention when I heard my boyfriend say "Yeah! We're in Compton!"
And then I was paying attention.

Guys, you may not know this but I have this irrational fear of being KILLED. He drove us straight through Compton at 10:30 p.m. Yes, we did pass by a couple cop cars parked on the street, and one of them totally had his gun out. However, we survived.

Then he really took me home. And that was our date day. 


Corinne said...

You are one brave lady. Seriously. I would have peed my pants just driving by that hospital!!! Sounds like you had quite the date - going from happy, pretty, fun things to dinner to then being scared for your life :)

Vanessa said...

I am completely jealous that you get to go to Disneyland so often. That place is just completely magical. I am sad that LA gets so much hate. We went out there for vacation for 10 days and we fell in love. All the things to see and to do and to eat? Plus being so close to the beach. I swear one day we will move to SoCal!

Sam Morgan said...

Man, everyone's posting about Disneyland. Maybe I'll try and go sometime this year. I haven't been since was 5. I love that you went to the haunted hospital. Is it still in operation? There's one that I really want to check out in SLC, but I don't want to get in trouble for trespassing since it's no longer in operation.

Kristin said...

good ol compton lol

Katie said...

I been there a few times but when I was little since my family lives close - but I'm in Chicago. How fun that you can go there on a date!