I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City.

I got sick on the drive back home. I got sick on the side if I-15 Southbound. It was fun... but not really.

Once back I started feeling better. I showered myself.. and found out I get to work 37 hours this week. Maybe not a big deal to you, but I have never worked full time before. Or even close to full time. BUT I was going to have Monday off.

Until someone called me asking to go in for them because he's sick. So I did. But only because he said he'd work Saturday for me.. so that means I get another weekend off.

So for the next 4 days, I will be either working, sleeping or eating. I'm kind of okay with it.

I know I'll be okay with my check.


Alexandria said...

Wooo! Make that money girl!!

Corinne said...

I'm glad you got to feeling better!

And although you picked up a shift (which was super nice of you) you get the weekend off! yay!

samnhal said...

You should e-mail me the next time you come up to SLC, and we can meet up! I've gotten sick on the side of I-15 before, not fun at all!

Diana Smith said...

come to my blog party! please, would love to meet you, its on april 16 at 5! in orem!

Boundlesstech said...

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Nancy Face said...

Money money money! Yay!