I have two days of work left. Two. Days.

I hate it when you've been craving something for weeks, finally get it, and it's not very good.

I move in 5 days. I have one box packed away.

Free candy tastes so much better than candy you had to buy yourself.

I'm getting annoyed with my blog follower numbers. I have gone from 194 to 197, to 194 to 197.. back and forth.. about 5 times now. Make up ya dang minds, people.

I got a root canal on one of my back teeth a long time ago, and it has recently started to hurt again. And it makes me mad, because I went through 3+ hours of watching them pull out bloody roots and smelling them burning crap in my mouth.. for NOTHING?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but you shouldn't be able to feel anything on that tooth after a root canal. F.

Etc.. etc. I'm tired, it's late.


Ang said...

ya for only 2 days left of work!

are you going to share with us why you're moving and how it all came to be?

Corinne said...

:( I hope Thursday is a little more uplifting for you! I hate going to the dentist so even you mentioning that makes me squirm. Yay for only 2 more days (1 if you don't count today!)!

Slamdunk said...

I hope your last 2 days go well and the packing (yuck) is uneventful.

Diana Smith said...

ahh that is the worst, feeling your root canal again. I had 2 root canals done in sept...crazy! Hope that the pain lessens cause it is not fun to not be able to eat what you want! especially free candy haha

Grace said...

Packing is no fun.

At least you have a # of followers that's within the 3 digit range. LOL. ;)

I hope your day gets better. :)

samnhal said...

oh, :( Hopefully thing will calm down and the stress will go away once you move. You'll see your boy and remember that it was MORE than worth it.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i totally laughed about your followers. not in a mean way, just because you crack me up and i love it.

and umm HELLO!? the wizard swears is the best one. i almost died when i saw you wrote expecto patronads on my post.