I'm sitting here sniffing snot back into my face every .3 seconds. My head hurts and I feel dizzy.. and my throat hurts. I basically feel disgusting. So it's a perfect time to write a blog post.

I'm all moved. I've been here since Monday, and I've been pretty busy I guess.
I don't even remember everything we've done since I've been here.. it's mostly just been spending time together. We stayed up all night Thursday for Black Friday shopping. It was my first time going and it did not disappoint.

Our first stop was Walmart at midnight. We went and stood by what we wanted.. a waffle maker. YES. A waffle maker. You can be jealous. Around midnight, people started going nuts and grabbing their stuff. I stood back and let Ryan brave the mob of crazy old women to grab one.. he was somehow successful. Then we just kind of wandered around looking at the other stuff. We got a few movies, and then went over to the video games and saw this:


That is another mob of crazy people.. several people deep, grabbing video games and throwing them backwards into the crowd. I stood back, Ryan went to the edge of the crowd and was handed the exact game he was looking for. We passed by the pallet later and all that was left were shreds of cardboard. Then we decided it was checkout time.. but the lines were insanity. So we sat down for a good 15-20 minutes and just watched people. Eventually we got up and found a small line, and got the heck out of there..

And over to Target! Which was a mess in itself. We went before they started letting people in.. and the line was huuuuge. Did we go to the back of it? No.. just jumped right in when the crowd started going in. Yes, we did get yelled at by some angry hags, I mean, people who had been waiting for a long time.. but hey. All we wanted were movies. By the time we were ready to check out, the line was wrapping around the store.. so we jumped in line again. Straight to a register. We got outta there nice and quick.

THEN. No, there's not really anymore. We got something to eat real quick since it was 5 in the morning, he took me home and I passed out after eating.

In a nutshell, I have been staying up very late. I'm sick. I need more sleepies. And I wanted to fill you guys in on how my move went. I love it here and I don't regret my decision at all.


Anonymous said...

im so happy for you kell! that is great. and this story made me laugh. i'm glad you got exactly what you were looking for, black friday shopping and moving :)

Grace said...

A waffle maker?! hehehe!
Glad that you're liking the move. :)

Marissa said...

Looks like a crazy crowd!

Sam said...

You are brave! I really wanted to go to Target to get movies, but since I was getting my wisdom teeth out Friday, I didn't think it was a good idea :-/ I would have been one of those people yelling at you for cutting lol, but hey, it worked out for you! :)

Diana Smith said...

That sounds pretty much like my Black Friday! wal mart looked just like that, it was crazy. My first time going too! Loved it and definitely will be going again. I just wanted luggage, which I probably didn't have to wait for but you never know! I hope you feel better!

Kate said...

Yay you are there! I hope to hear full move details soon. <3

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy some games out there, in States. They are so cheap compared to the same here.
I hope that you get better health and continue enjoying your happy and little busy ( but now with a waffle maker ) new life :D