Today, I wasn't feeling so good..physically or mentally. Headache, stomachache and hurt. I stopped by the grocery store after work for some fattening, artificial preservative-y, chocolately junk foods. And some chicken soup. You probably won't be surprised to hear that none of that made me feel much better.

I still have a hate/hate relationship with my work. My coworkers to be exact. It was apparently bosses day, and everyone forgot to tell me they all signed a card for her and got her a gift. Very nice. So I get to look like an ass for being the only one to not pitch in. Also, working around high schoolers sucks. They're demanding, and their attitudes make me want to punch puppies. I mean, seriously. I'm sorry you're so put out that I didn't have any barbecue sauce. Wash your dry burger down with your angst.

Anyway. Among other things, my day has been fairly bad. I even skipped going to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant in favor of staying home and sulking. It's kind of a good thing I did, though.. I put my earphones in, walked outside and found out it was raining. So I sat outside, in a tank top, in 85 degrees, and just let it rain on me. And for some stupid reason it felt really good.



Sam said...

Aw, I'm so sorry your day is sucky :( How rude of your coworkers. And I love your line about the highs choolers & angst. Triple love. Letting the rain fall down on you in warm weather like that really does something to the soul. I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

kelzone said...

"wash your dry burger down with your angst". thank you for making me laugh today.
i'm honestly surprised the chocolate didn't do anything for you. have a happy day tomorrow!

Marissa said...

I am sorry your coworkers are lame!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry your day was horrible, but i have to say haha! i ALWAYS tell my coworkers that i feel like kicking puppies when i'm having a horrible day, and they think i'm crazy. so thanks for that.

oh and the use of the word "angst". love it. so degrassi.

Kate said...

I super love you. And I wish I could buy you a soda for the amazing sentence about washing down the burger with angst. I just laughed so hard!

Rain is always therapeutic for me. I love it so! I am glad it had a good effect on you. <3

Corinne said...

aww i'm sorry you aren't feeling good and that you've been having a crappy few days. I remember what i was like in highschool some days - eek.

I know how sitting out in the rain may SOUND crazy, but after a few rough days, I can totally understand how that would be wonderful!

Hope this weekend brings you some comfort!

Ang said...

Hope you're feeling better today!