Day Three

I'm supposed to show you guys a picture of me with my friends.
The thing is, I don't exactly have a ton of friends at the moment. Not that I've ever been very popular, but at the moment I literally have no friends that live close to me.

Hey, let's forget I said that stuff and revealed myself as the big fat loser that I am. Here's a picture that was not taken three years ago. Which is totally not the last time I actually had many friends. And, that's definitely not a high school background.





Makay said...


I am your friend! We need to get a picture together! ;D

Love, Makay

Oh, and btw you should TOTALLY enter the giveaway on So Far So Great! It is calling your name. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha! this is hilarious. i live away from my friends too, so it seems like a miracle when i actually get to hang out/see them! and they're only 15 minutes away.

your high school looks fun though!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Too cute. love the picture

Allison said...

You are NOT a big fat loser, and I LOVE you. The end. Actually, not the end. You look beautiful in these pictures! So happy! :D

Chelsea said...

Most of my friends live pretty far away too! I know how you feel!

Bri said...

i hear ya, it can be tough not having close friends nearby. hang in there friend : )

Corinne said...

gahhh I hear ya! My friend back home hang out every weekend and ask me what I did - "umm...hang out with my dog and Russ???" yup basically every weekend ;)

samnhal said...

I hate that about high school. You instantly loose so many people that were friends because you don't see them every day. You're not a loser, because having fewer closer friends is way better. Plus you have blog friends!