I say this every Sunday but I'll say it again.
I love Sundays.

It's like.. no matter how sad, lonely, or awful I feel, it all goes away when I get to church. It seems like the message for that Sunday is always fit perfectly to what I really need to hear or learn. When I need to meet someone new, talk to someone, I do. It's perfect. It makes me perfectly happy.

On another note! The puppy is back home. He stayed at the hospital overnight to get re hydrated, and they wanted to make sure he could eat and go to the bathroom on his own before they let him come back. Turns out it was just an upset tummy. He ate something not intended for doggy consumption!

Speaking of pets, I'm taking my dog in to the vet tomorrow. She's getting her teeth cleaned, and it's loooong overdue. Stinky breath dog.

Anyhow. I'm sitting here listening to The Singles Ward soundtrack, getting ready to check out my online classes since school starts tomorrow. And getting ready to send e-mails to the teachers whose classes I'm waitlisted on. I need in, suckas!

(PS I'm sorry for being suckish at visiting your blogs. I promise to get back on it tomorrow!)


Corinne said...

Oh my goodness I was so worried because I read your previous post and was so worried for your little puppy! Thank goodness he is home! I hope he is feeling better and will soon be back to his normal puppy-self.

samnhal said...

I hate being waitlisted. It's the worst. Luckily a lot of teachers give ad codes. Sundays do always kind of regenerate you don't they?

Ang said...

ugh, should read all posts before commenting. Glad pup is better ;)

Tunes & Spoons said...

Sundays really are the best thing in the world! Im so glad we get one every week!