Ash asked:
Would you rather eat standing up, or get into a car through the passenger seat for the rest of your life?
Get into a car through the passenger seat! I hate eating standing up. I'm so uncoordinated, my food usually ends up on the floor. So I wouldn't mind climbing into a car awkwardly over dropping my food all the time.

peaceandpinkfrosting asked:
What's your all-time favorite Disney movie?
HERCULES! In my mind, this is the greatest of all Disney movies. Though I also love The Little Mermaid. And, not animated, a friend got me hooked on this old Disney movie called The Ugly Dachshund. You should watch it. I'm such a Disney fan, I can't really think of more than 1 or 2 Disney movies that I don't really like.

Shammy asked.. for advice on getting his wife happy:
Oh man. Advice. I suck at advice. All I can say, is I think most girls really appreciate the little gestures. I guess things like phone calls, flowers. We like being payed attention to. Um. Gosh. I told you I'm not good at advice :(

Marissa asked:
What made you chose LDS over other Christian faiths?
This is kind of hard for me to answer. I don't know how to explain why exactly I chose it. I think it's because of how different, in a good way, it is from a 'normal' Christian faith. There are a lot of things that the church does that stick so closely to what the bible says, that a lot of the other faiths omit. Also, I prayed about it.. which I think is the most important thing to do. I prayed over the Book of Mormon and it's truthfulness, and I received my answer.

Ryan said:
Once I accidentally a whole hamster.
I tried to think of something funny to say but failed. You win. You're also crazy.


Ash Att said...

loved the q & a's! great post :)

Zach Face said...

Hercules? That's good, but I love The Sword in the Stone. That used to be my favorite animated film until Up came out.

I've loved that movie ever since I was a kid. :)

Blicious said...

HA! i love question #1! :)
great answers!


kelzone said...

what the? love the last question, ba ha ha.