I Wish

I'd kill for a farmhouse with a wraparound porch.

And let's get real, who wouldn't want to live in what looks like a mini-castle?! Victorian style homes are my absolute favorite.

I know it's silly (especially at my age) but I often fantasize about my dream home. I've done this ever since I was young. I wasn't the girl planning out my wedding or writing a list of criteria my future husband must meet. No.

I was dreaming about where I was going to live. For the longest time I wanted to live in the South. Then I visited Washington, and think I'd love living there. A piece of me has always wished to live in San Diego..
I guess you can just say I'm anxious to see what the future holds.


Kirsty said...

Yep, that top one is more or less what I'm going to have... just add one big old swing chair, and a dog :)

Ashley said...

TWINS! This is totally normal. I've done the same thing since I was little. I also never thought of my wedding, but my "dream" house... all the time. I think I even made a folder and drew it out myself of what it must be like.

Farmhouses arent really my thing but I'd love to live in a castle. That would pretty much make my life. ha. The places that call to me: NYC, somewhere like connecticut or massachusets for the colonial vibe, or San diego/LA area. You already know my deep wish to live in CA.

kelzone said...

That's hilarious, my facebook status right now is something similar...it says i want to sit on the porch shucking corn while my husband sings sweet tunes to the banjo.

Sam said...

My dream home has two big trees with a hammock tied between. One of those sturdy hammocks too, with lots of blankets and pillows. And the trees will have little branches and leaves above the hammock so I can see the sky perfectly, to do some star gazing at night. As long as I have these trees in my yard, I'll be happy with the home I have :)

Rasha said...

left you an award!

Marissa said...

wrap around porch = swoon

Vanessa said...

My mom has always dreamed of having a wrap around porch. Me? I dream of stone houses. & willow trees. Big backyard.. oh I could go on and on. I dream of what a beautiful house I hope to live in one day too!

KatOfDiamonds said...

My dream is to have a rooftop balcony (back in the day, victorian, farmstyle, etc) so I can sunbathe nekkid..

I love the rest of the house too of course.

But I'd only ever buy it if there was somewhere I can sunbathe in private.

That is my life-long dealbreaker LOL

True story.