Today has seriously been.. a day. Shocking?

I woke up less than happy, but made the decision to be happy anyway. It has worked thus far, but I am currently struggling with it. I had a realization today, and it has settled me. I know that's vague.. let's just say this.

I have realized that I am too young and immature to be thinking about a certain thing. I feel like the timing is wrong for it, and will be wrong for a while longer. There are things I need to focus on more, first.. like building my faith. Growing into a more patient, calm person.. and more understanding. I'm not going to lie, I had this realization at work.. random, right? But as soon as it ran through my head I literally felt like someone hugged me and told me everything will be alright.

Speaking of work, I love the people I work with. Most of the time. For example, it is obviously coming to the end of the school year. The school decided to give all of the staff (including us kitchen staff) a free yearbook. We were all shocked, but pleased, seeing as yearbooks are generally very expensive. Turns out, the students have to pay $90 for them, and many just can't afford it. So a couple of us have decided to give ours to students who can't afford it. Honestly, it makes me sad that the school just gave away so many yearbooks to the staff- I mean come on. I glanced through mine and it has since been sitting on my bookshelf. I probably never would have looked in it again. Now at least someone can have it who will enjoy looking through it, and actually have memories of it.

Also. I saw this today:


I smiled big. How often do you see a random streak of rainbow in the sky?

I also made a decision today, that I need to make a trip. I need to travel somewhere, maybe by myself. I don't know where or when, but I am going to do it. Maybe I will re-visit Washington. That way, I can stay with my brother and sister in law, and see my niece. Maybe I'll do the same in Mississippi, or South Carolina, with my other brothers. Maybe I'll go out of the country.. how awesome would that be? I just think I need a big adventure in my life.


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture!!

Making trips and going to different places is awesome. I love it and I want to do more of it. One of my main goals through out my life is to travel.

Sarah said...

Perfect solution! Traveling this summer sounds awesome...and by yourself? What an exciting adventure!
Don't you just love a job with summers off? I know I do!!! If you do venture to Washington this summer, take LOTS of pics to post...I'll be soooooo jealous! My Washington trip isn't until October!

kelzone said...

um europe anyone?!? if only i had the moolah.
also, i love this post. and i love that you are giving the yearbooks away. way to go, kellie!

Alexa Mae said...

love that picture girl! and do it! how fun would a road trip/vacation be!? you deserve it.

et said...

Wow. Beauty n happiness!

Kirsty said...

Or... come to Scotland? :)

Corinne said...

Rainbows always make me smile!
I agree with the trip thing. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to treat yourself to a mini vaca. Go where you want, do what you want, when you's a great idea and i think you should do it!

Makay said...

I know what you mean... about getting away. I have such an innate desire to go on a mission trip. Go. I know you are not talking about mission trips right now, but trust me they are HUGE adventures, and you are changing lives. I strongly encourage you towards it. A really great organization to travel with is Word of Life (WOL)... check it out. :)



Iva said...

what a beautiful picture! I LOVE rainbows :)

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Well that is cool that you got to help a person in need enjoy the end of the school year. Awesome.

Sam said...

That's so nice of you to give away the yearbook! That is kinda crazy that the school charges so much, but then gives them to staff for free.

A trip would be perfect! And by yourself? That would be so refreshing and a great way to reflect on your life! I kinda want to do something similar.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures :)

Andy said...

I've heard Birmingham (the original, none of this Alabama crap) is good this time of the year! :D x