Who Inspires You

Or.. what inspires you?

Smiles inspire me.
They speak of happiness. And I think happiness is the most desirable thing in this world. A stray smile can brighten someone's day, make it go from bad to good in the instant it takes to flash it. They take no effort but are among the most beautiful things in this world. My favorites are the no holds barred ones. Smiles without restraint. The ones that speak of TRUE happiness. It doesn't get any better than that.



Sam said...

genuine big smiles are always so inspirational! I love catching people deep in thought and seeing them smile to themselves. Just knowing they are thinking of something that makes them truly happy!

Anonymous said...

What's inspiring? Well, your post surely was! I think a smile can cheer anyone's day and make it so much better and brighter if they had a bad one always smile you can impact someone.

Marci Darling said...

smiles are great!

sweet friends who write amazing blogs inspire me :)

Makay said...

Smile all the time, it is great medicine for you, and it is the hope, inspiration, and sunshine for others who see it. :)


defining amy said...

i loved this post. thanks for sharing your beautiful smile with us!! have a wonderful weekend. :)