Say Quesooo!

You know this is Glee inspired. You know that Christina Aguilera song, Beautiful? If you don't, acquaint yourself.

"Now and then I get insecure....

I am beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down. I am beautiful in every single way."

I know that not a single on of you reading this are always 100% satisfied with your appearance. Even your personality. I think it's hard to look at ourselves honestly.


I'm impatient and indecisive. Quick to jump to conclusions and quick to anger. I eat too much fast food and I spend my money much too fast. I'm dependent and need people to tell me they love me. I'm shy. I'm quiet. I let other people affect my mood. I'm self conscious. I procrastinate and I don't push myself to my limits. My nose is too big, my skin is too oily and pimply. I don't pluck my eyebrows often enough. I have thunder thighs and huge hips.



I love. I have faith. I believe without questioning. I'm quick to forgive. I say what's on my mind. I have an overall happy demeanor. I love to be silly. Animals are my favorite. I have a sense of humor. I have pretty hair and a not terrible looking face. I love to smile at strangers just to try to make their day.


What am I getting at? I don't really know. Maybe it's that.. we're all flawed. But flaws don't mean we aren't beautiful. And our good qualities have a tendency of overwhelming the not so great ones. I know all of my blog friends are beautiful people. I'm very blessed to have gotten the opportunity to get to know you all.


Makay said...

you are gorgeous girl, and perfect the way you are (I feel the same way about my skin, thighs, and hips... my nose is on the larger size too.)

I think we all have insecurities, but more often then not others don't really notice or even see them... so why care? :)


Kirsty said...

Great post :) You DO have pretty hair! And a lovely personality as well as a VERY un-terrible face! I know how you feel about... well, all of this. But chin up, and good for you for being so positive :)

kelzone said...

i love this post...does perfect even exist? i think flaws are beautiful (to an extent...mean people aren't very beautiful). plus if we were all "perfect" we'd all be the same and that would be SO boring.
also, any boy who has ever been worth my time loves my thunder thighs. so i embrace them (most days) now.

Sam said...

love this post :) everyone is beautiful in their own way and we all struggle with our self image and confidence. I love how inspiring Glee is!

Marci Darling said...

You are seriously beautiful inside and out--I'm good at reading people. You constantly inspire me and make my day--I trust you more than most people I see on a day to day basis. You rock, Kellie!

Dana said...

I just found your blog, and I found this post so inspiring! I love to paint portraits of people because I think that everyone is beautiful and interesting in their own way. People in general are just really amazing to me.

And you are very very pretty, even your supposedly "bad" picture is cute!

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