Monday Madness

Today I started my new position at work. I'm on the staff window now. So I feed all the teachers, janitors.. whoever. Can I just say? These people are rude.

I mean seriously. Example: I had my gloves on so I could put together one of the barbecue sandwiches for a teacher. Without taking my gloves off, I took the money from this person, wrote down what his new tab was.. and asked the next teacher what he wanted. He tells me. I pick up a tray, then hesitate to take my gloves off and put new ones on. Before I can though, he says

"So tell me, what's the point of wearing gloves if you're not going to change them after handling money, and a pencil and paper?"
-Insert rude, I'm a teacher and you're just serving me my lunch laugh.

That's ok though.

Because that was the only bad thing that happened to me today. I just keep thinking of the weekend that is coming. Of the good news I got today. Of the good things that will be coming my way.

One day I'll be a teacher. I won't be bitter and mean though. Because being a teacher doesn't make you any better than the people who serve you food.

Mo effin' teachers.


kelzone said...

ah, the glories of working in time my hair net fell in the salmon as i was bringing it out to the cafeteria line and a couple people saw--definitely embarrassing.
what's the good news?

Nikita said...


Ang said...

way to keep a positive attitude... I think it's great when people can take the life lessons and apply them when needed. Kudos!

Sarah said...

Screw em! Not all teachers are rude:)