Oh Yeah..

So.. my birthday was not so fabulous. Definitely not all that I expected it to be. But some good things did come from it.

I got to wear my new headband I ordered from WhippyCake..


I made my favorite cupcakes (that I have yet to eat)


I bought two new movies.. Sleeping Beauty and Kung Fu Panda


Boyfriend called and sent me sweet texts. (Hi boyfriend, you're my favorite!)

I slipped into my favorite PJs and my warm bed.. and finished season 5 of Lost

My mom made my favorite dinner.. home made chicken nuggets.

I started my 'savings account'.. which is not really an account. But it is savings. Because I want and need to get out of this place.

I also got TONS of birthday wishes from my lovely iBffs, and all of you amazing bloggy friends. I appreciate every single one of them, and you all mean so much to me, so thank you!

SO. Even if my birthday was rainy, boring, and not all I imagined it to be.. there were definitely some bright spots. And hey, it's not like this is the last one I'll ever have (hopefully!) AND.. who says I need a special occasion to treat myself? Or have a good day?

From now on I'll just try to make every day special and happy.


Rasha said...

Sorry it was a little down, but great at the same time.. Mines suppose to be rainy and kinda boring, but then i have a trip, so that is fun and seriously,things are going to work oout and you'e right make every day special. xoox!

Anonymous said...

Seems to be that it was just perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Bday! Yes, pretend everyday is your birthday!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I LOVE those cupcakes! Funfetti?!


Nikita said...

Love the attitude!! Why do you need to celebrate only on occasions? Make every day an occasion and enjoy! That's the way to live life!

Corinne said...

I love your headband!
PLUS-Disney movies are the BEST movies! (yes, i still am a 5 year old).

Happy "Just Because" Day! :)

Ang said...

sounds like a great day to me! Even if it's not ideal.. way to find the positive!

Here's to many more to come!

Vanessa said...

Mmm cupcakes! Many more birthday will come and amazing! Even though reading about your birthday, sounded like a pretty awesome day to me!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

you are so cute. happy belated love.

Kirsty said...

Letter in the post :)

Connie said...

love the headband! :D And I LOVE what you're currently reading!

Alyssa said...

OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The headband looks super cute :)

The Childlike empress said...

happy birthday!

the cakes look amazing...how could you not have eaten them yet!

Marci Darling said...

you look AMAZING in that headband!

OceanDreams said...

Aww those cupcakes look yummy and Sleeping Beauty? Sounds perfect!