Ask Me a Question

Any question you want. As many questions as you want. I shall answer in the comments. Unless I feel the need to further explain with a picture. In that case, I'll update my blog with it :) And yes, I totally stole this idea from Alexandria. Deal!

Ok. Ready... set... go!


Anonymous said...

If you had to listen to one cd only one for the rest of your life which one would it be? :P

Heather said...

How did you meet your boyfriend?
(i love love stories! ;] )

Kellie said...

Hard question! Haha. I might have to go with the Glee soundtrack.. I love it to death right now. But I'm sure even that would get old!

Whatever it would be.. it would have to be a mix. I couldn't stand listening to the same artist for the rest of my life!

Kellie said...

Heather.. Oh gosh. I should have seen this one coming!

I'm not ashamed of how we met, but it isn't well received sometimes.

We did meet... on the internet :) I was living in Illinois and spending a lot of time on the internet, especially since it had started getting cold. I was spending even more time on Well, we had been spending a lot of time in the same thread (geek talk here!) and he sent me a private message, asking for my windows messenger email. So I gave it to him, and we'd talk on there sometimes. Sometimes turned into hours-long chats, and webcam sessions. I met him online in October of last year and he became my best friend in a matter of a couple of months. I moved back to California in January, and we continued our talking just the same.
Around March, we sort of made things official, and no.. we had not met in person yet. But we did two weeks later. If you're wondering, my parents were absolutely not OK with it at first, but I convinced them of my good judgment. In all honesty- it's kind of like how this blogging thing works. I trust and love all of my blog friends so much! And I'd meet them in person any day. I'd seen Boyfriend on the camera- spent inordinate amounts of time talking to him online and on the phone. So I was completely okay with finally meeting him.

So that's the story.. we've been dating since March 7th of last year. We only see each other about once a month- he lives in Utah and I here. We're a 5 hour drive apart :)

Alexandria said...

Hmmm...favorite food?

Favorite color?

Favorite book?

Favorite song?

I am so un-original it almost hurts...

Allison said...

Aw darnit! I was totally going to ask Heather's question! I guess, instead... I'll ask for a Boyfriend post. What you like about him, and stuff. :D

Amy said...

Dear Kellie,
I think that you and I are the most alike people I know. I need to tell you the story of how I met my boyfriend. I used to be ashamed, but especially after reading how you two met, I don't feel so alone. That is how Boyfriend and I met too. I even had trouble telling my own best friend how BF and I really met. I even lied on the blog a little, cuz I felt embarrassed. But it happened the way it did, and we can't change it. Nothing to be ashamed of. We met online. He lived in Utah, I lived here. He drove down here and we fell in love the first time we saw each other. We technically already considered us "together" before we met in person though.

Seriosuly. I think you and I need to be best friends.

Question: Will you be my online BFF?


Kellie said...

Alexandria, these are the exact same questions I'd ask someone on this kind of post! Haha

Favorite food.. I'm such a piggy this is hard. My favorite food from a restaurant, is spaghetti from Vince's Spaghetti House. But as for home made stuff, grilled cheese all the way!

Favorite color is blue! Navy blue to be exact.. or Chargers' powder blue. Hehe :)

Favorite book. This is way hard. I'd say my top two are Redeeming Love and The Mark of the Lion series (3 books). But Hunger Games worked it's way up on my list.. and I love the book Left to Tell. It's a memoir that had me in tears most of the time.

Aaaand favorite song, since first grade it has been My Girl by the Temptations! As for more modern things, probably something from Breaking Benjamin. I'm in love with their new CD!

Kellie said...

Allison- I don't know if you wanted a real post on this, but I think I'll make it into one! I'll put it up in a couple of days :)

And Amy!! I'm still so excited about this. I can't believe how alike we are.. even down to how we met our boyfriends! Online BFFs.. no joke!

Leah said...

Kellie, summarize these Q&A and create a post.

My questions:

1. What career path do you want to pursue?
2. Any future plans with BF?
3. Favorite quote or words you live by?

Kellie said...


1. I'd like to pursue elementary education. It recently changed from nursing, but I think I'd enjoy teaching children much more.

2. The future plans are just that.. in the future. We haven't set anything in stone, but on occasion we talk about certain things. Marriage and moving and such. Like I said, nothing is set in stone. We haven't even been dating a year yet though, so I'm sure things will play out as time goes by.

3. "Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.
Leo Tolstoy" I love it. We choose how we see the thins in our lives. You can choose to look at the bad of something, or ignore the bad and focus on the good.

Heather said...

thanks for the "love story"!! My sister met her boyfriend on line and they're on their way to getting married so I totally understand all of the "struggles" that go along with on-line meeting and dating! My best wishes to you guys, you are too cute!! =]

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

How many children do you want to have?

Where do you most want to travel?

What is your biggest goal in life?

Love you tons and tons!

Kellie said...

Heather.. that is awesome! It's really cool to hear that other people go through the same thing. :)

Kellie said...

Miss Sara Jane!

As far as children.. uh. Gosh. I guess I want a few. There's no set number. But of my own.. I'd say 3. Possibly 4. Then I would absolutely love to adopt one or two somewhere down the road.

I would love to travel to Japan. My brother has been there and I've wanted to go ever since! A place I'd love to go for beauty and history, Rome, Italy. And Greece.

My biggest goal in life, cheesy as it sounds, is to be successful and happy. BOTH. Not one or the other.

Shelby Lou said...

would you rather shop at forever 21 forever or urban outfitters (you can afford it, either way.)

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Where would you like to travel the most to?

What do you love about your boyfriend the most?

Do you think you two will marry?

Kellie said...


That question is hard! I love Forever 21 because they have such a variety of cute clothes. And I love UO mostly because of their apartment stuff! If I had to choose where I would just shop for clothes forever 21 :)

Kellie said...


In the US, I'd like to travel to the East coast. I've never been. As far as out of the country.. everywhere! Starting in Japan. I'd also love to go to Rome and Greece.

Another boyfriend question hehe. I love him for all sorts of reasons. He's smart, and very loving. He'd do anything for his mom. He's driven and faithful and knows how to calm me down. He tells me he likes showing me off to the people he knows. And he also drives 5 hours just to see me. Usually just for a day.

Marriage.. if I had it my way? Yes :) I'm really not sure how he feels about it though.

kelzone said...

fyi, if i were recommending one trip to anyone i'd say rome with a couple of days in cinque terra a short train ride away- C.T. is the picture in my blog banner...okay, my question-
i noticed your e-mail your last name really stark?
if so, you should keep your last name or have a brother name their son tony

Kellie said...

kelzone- Yes! Haha.. I get that a lot. When I was getting a new phone, the guy at the store kept bringing it up. I'll definitely have to convince one of my brothers to name their son Tony. Definitely!