The Day After Tomorrow is Not Only A Horribly Cheesy Movie But Also When I Leave for Utah

That's a mouthful. (That's what she said.)

My irrationality miiight be taking over again! My dad checked my car out. All the fluids are fine. It ran fine. It's.. fine. My car is fine. Do you think that stops me from worrying?

I'm traveling through Vegas on the day before Thanksgiving. I'm also probably leaving on Sunday. Which is already a horrible traffic day when it's NOT the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Why don't people stay home for the holidays!? So I can have the freeway all to myself.

There's one more thing I'm slightly worried about. MISSING GLEE!! I'm going on Wednesday, and can't guarantee I'll remember to force boyfriend to watch it with me. I just can't miss this:

Well, except Tanaka. He just doesn't do it for me.

Anywho, this post is mostly a 'goodbye' post. I'm not bringing my laptop with me, it's just a distraction. I won't be posting, but I'll be Twittering, I'm sure. And I'll be back Sunday, though I won't guarantee a post until Monday.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! And here is what I'm thankful for:

1. Boyfriend, and his family's willingness to let me stay with them.

2. Not getting 'sick' nervous yet.

3. My family. Even though they are incredibly annoying most of the time.

4. Boyfriend's faith. It rubs off on me and teaches me new things every day.

5. Our beautiful trees outside that are a looovely shade of red and yellow.

6. Having Christmas spirit this year!

7. Getting put on double shifts. I need the extra money.

8. Afternoon naps, and their ability to erase headaches.

9. Amazing friends. I may not have many, but the ones I do have are perfect.

10. My ability to think up 10 things to be thankful for. I guess I'm not feeling very loving today?


Kaitlin said...

I hope you have a great time in Utah! Drive safe! :) I'm sad that you won't be posting much! :( Haha.

Jenni said...

ohhh have a great time!!!!! take lots of photos!!!!! Drive safe! :)

Alexandria said...

Have a fun (safe) trip!!

Um...your #9 thankful thing is worded perfectly! I feel the same way about my friends!!

happy thanksgiving doll!

Allison said...

Have an amazing trip and a fun Thanksgiving! :D And don't you worry.. I'm missing Glee too!! AAK!

Kate said...

I'm thankful for having enough American friends that I can justify having a second Thanksgiving a month after Canadian Thanksgiving. :D

Heather said...

have a fun time!!! =] I am also very obsessed with glee!! i love it!! =]=]

Amy said...

I'm so excited for you to see your man! Have a great trip and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh ya. Like Jenni said- Take LOTS of pics for us okay? Hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

What is Glee about?? I'm soooo out of it!! A friend of mine said something about that show and that it is good, but I have no idea! LOL I hardly watch any tv nowadays!!

SJ said...

Have a safe trip! Take pictures! Enjoy yourself! I look forward to your tweets, girl! And on Glee...that's what Hulu is for!

I don't know why everything ended in !'s. Whatev. Love!

Cristina said...

I totally agree about Tanaka and #9. Have a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

OceanDreams said...

Have a safe trip - I'll be in Utah too! Maybe we will meet accidentally, he he. Thankful for you bloggy friend!