What a day!

A good day, I gotta say. It started off with a little cleaning, because we were having company over for my mom's birthday. She didn't know anyone was coming over, and I knew people were coming over, just not who. So around 11 or 12, I hear people getting out of a car. I think my reaction was "OMG OMG OMG." Family friends, ones I've known my entire 20 years and 6 months of life. The most loving, amazing people in my life. Happiness :)

So they went outside and I started making my cupcakes. More people got here, and I finished up the cupcakes, ran to the store and got back as fast as I could. We spent 4 to 5 hours eating and just chatting. Shortly after dinner was finished, my dad started making a peach cobbler with his dutch oven. And that's when he got a text message, and upon reading it he jumped out of his chair and ran to the front yard, called his friend and would NOT tell us what was wrong. It didn't take us long to figure out that there was a fire, and it's fairly close. Too close for comfort.

I still like to think of it as a good day. He's out helping some friends evacuate their animals, and my mom and I are holding down the house. Well, we're both just talking, but still.

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