Thankful Thursday

I just have so much to be thankful for this week :)

Thankful Thursday

1. Knowing how to avoid the wrath of men (make cookies!!) My father walked in the door in a bad mood, smelled the cookies and was immediately in a better mood.

2. For being a good baker. Not great, but I know when things are done and I know how to not burn stuff. Anymore.

3. Friends that love me.

4. The song "Outside My Window" by Sarah Buxton.

5. My Hello Kitty bandaids. Makin' boo-boos pretty.

6. Payday! No explanation necessary.

7. The way I spent my afternoon yesterday. Dancing to the most upbeat songs on my iPod, with my dogs. Then cooking dinner and making cookies. It was peaceful. And happy.

8. My job. I may complain about it (a lot) but it's pretty cool I even have a job. I work with great people.

9. Faith

10. This month!! October is going to be an amazing month. My mom's birthday is soon, brother's wedding, flight to South Carolina, Charger's game.. I'm so very excited.

11. The new Breaking Benjamin album. It's amazing.

12. My guy and my girl best friend. They are the two best people in this entire world, I know it.

13. My big brothers.

14. My beautiful niece Kayleigh, I'm so excited to meet her later this month.

15. Feeling beautiful. It doesn't happen very often but today has been one of those days. Feeling beautiful makes my entire day just a little better.

16. The decision to read the Book of Mormon with my best friend.

17. Tylenol. I have such a headache.

18. Being done with all my dentistry work! Until next year.. wisdom teeth :(

19. Proactiv.. seriously. It works.

20. Answered prayers.

21. The events that happened today. Shopping for my mom's birthday. A special phone call. Even though it started out bad, it ended on a good note. :)

22. Not having a sweet tooth. I mean, really. I've made two batches of cookies and not been able to bite into a single one. Couldn't eat any peach cobbler at work. Had to force myself to eat a piece of cake. I love this.

23. Having self-control when it comes to my soda consuming habits! I haven't had a single soda in about two weeks now. And it hasn't even been hard.

24. "I want your light that you radiate"

25. Midnight Pomegranate perfume. Mmm.

26. Phineas and Ferb. I really am obsessed with this show.

27. The sudden burst of energy I've gotten. The motivation to be a better person.

28. New movies. I got three more :)

29. Del Taco's mild sauce. I'm not kidding.

30. Metabolism ;)

31. My weiner dog.

32. My life!


Live From Fleet Street said...

Midnight Pomegranate perfume is something I love as well!

kelleidoscope said...

:) Hey, I've been trying to leave a comment on your post about Mr. Crazy, but it won't let me! I don't know if it's just my computer.. but I can comment on all the other blogs.