Latest Obsessions

Boots! If I weren't so cheap, I'd definitely be a shoe person. Luckily there are places like Charlotte Russe that have cute, affordable shoes. I've been getting into winter mode though, and I'm starting to realize that my 9458234 pairs of sandals won't cut it through the next few months. I mean, they would.. but I like my toes warm. Unfortunately for my bank account, I'm sure these won't be the only pair of winter-boots I get. Can't wear the same shoes the entire season, right? ;)

I'm crazy, I know.. but I love this TV show. Mostly because it brings back all these fond childhood memories. Lately Cartoon Network has been airing several episodes every weekday. Yes, I've got the autotuned. For every night this week. Don't judge me! The acting may suck, the story may be absolutely absurd, but I love every minute. Whatever.

No, not coffee.. coffee is disgusting. Basically, anything warm and anti-winter. Hot chocolate especially. Us coffee-haters have a right to use mugs too, ok? Just the idea of curling up with my dog in my bed on a cold night to watch a movie makes me feel all warm inside. That was a mouthful of a sentence, huh?

Breaking Benjamin's new album Dear Agony. I'm no music critic, and my taste in music would probably make most people shiver. I do love this album though. And I love Breaking Benjamin.

Moving! Just moving around in general. I'm not happy sitting on my butt in front of the computer for hours on end anymore. I've got to do something- anything. Even if it's something as little as cleaning my room up. I feel so much happier when I'm being active in some way! Even if it's not running- which I'd love to get back into. If it weren't for my stupid knee :(

I can safely say this is the only show I will watch religiously. I absolutely love it. I like every character, it's funny, it has good music, it has a good story going. I'm nothing short of obsessed. By the way, ever hear the Mariah Carey song Obsessed? I hate it. It sucks. Just throwing that out there.

What have you been obsessed with lately?


Stephanie Faris said...

Those boots at the top? I got those at Payless last week for $29.99.

OceanDreams said...

I love those boots, just adorable and I wish boots weren't so darn expensive, I would buy more too! I also don't like coffee - I love tea and hot cocoa any day though, truly!

kelleidoscope said...

Stephanie, I got some like that, but shorter, at Charlotte Russe for $30 :)

And I'm definitely a hot chocolate girl! Don't like tea too much :(

Jenni said...

I completely agree with you on the Goosebumps thing! The show is ridiculous but I loved all the books when I was little, so it's almost...comforting? haha

AngeliStarr said...

I used 2 watch goosebumps but I loved the books a lot more. Gosh I am so mad I didnt know Breaking Benjamin had a new album sooner. I wouldve dl'd it already!!!
And boots are awesome I need to go indulge in a pair or 2 tho. Mine are worn out in the soles and killing my feet =(

Live From Fleet Street said...

I love Glee as well! It is an awesome show and never fails to make my week better. The song and dance never seems too cheesy either.