Home Sweet Home

My weekend in South Carolina was full of fun and devoid of sleep.

I was going to go full on into detail and dictate every second of my trip, then I remembered I suck at writing. I'll sum it up.

Late flight out of LAX made it so we got to South Carolina around 11 pm instead of 2pm like we were supposed to. I met my niece and brother's girlfriend for the first time, and love them both. Half of Saturday was spent babysitting, the other half was spent doing the rehearsal and stuffing my face with pizza, and watching UFC. Mashida shouldn't have won.

Sunday, after about 3 hours of sleep, we were forced to wake up. Showered and.. stuff.. we went to the venue to get ready and set up. I was the first to get my hair and make up done. The lady put a freaking bumpit in my hair, and I'm really disappointed I let her do it. She also put clown makeup on me. But whatever. Not my wedding, and the bride liked it.

We took pictures at about 4, and the ceremony started at 6. After that, we all walked over to the reception where we got mini sandwiches and vegetables for dinner, because the caterer scammed my brother and sister in law. For 1,000 dollars. But no worries, they're suing, and the food was good anyway.

On to the dancing.. can I just say I don't really enjoy dancing? Not with other people at least. But I did. My brother yanked me out there once, and so did my grandma and dad, as well as Amber's grandfather.

At 11, everything was over and we all headed back to the house, where no one would go to sleep, or let me go to sleep. So, I just didn't sleep, and we left at 3am for the flight back to Houston, which was luckily on time. At Houston, we waited a few hours for the flight to LA. Once on it, I was in heaven. There were TVs in the back of every seat with DirecTV. Then we got a meal, and beverage of choice. Best flight ever, and I took some pictures. In fact, here are some pictures from the weekend.


Stephanie Faris said...

The caterer scammed them? That's horrible. How can someone do that to a couple getting married? Everything looks like a lot of fun!

kelleidoscope said...

I know, it was a crazy moment. They suspected something was up when she started acting shady prior to the wedding. Then they tried calling her several times the day of and got no answer.. but when they called on someone else's phone they got an answer. Then the person said that the caterer died in a car accident in alabama.. but mentioned she has their contract and would refund them, which was a slip up on her part. It's quite a long drug out story, but they're suing. And the wedding was a success anyway.

Jenni said...

A bumpit!? haha, that is too funny! I've never actually heard of someone using one!
What airline did you take? That sounds like an awesome flight!

OceanDreams said...

How crazy about what happened to the food - sorry about that! Also, I love flying when the views are nice, I like how your photos turned out!

kelleidoscope said...

Jenni- I know! The bumpit... well I'm taking that one to the grave, no close friends can hear of that. We flew continental- but it was only the flight from Houston to LA that had the TVs, it was such a nice flight!

ocean- thank you :)